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Feb 182015


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Link to my March music newsletter, got one of those: http://us3.campaign-archive2.com/?u=dd792d6c03814c21381494ad0&id=34a8997468 #doingupthe #socialmedia

2015-03-18 | 17:01:26
Jordana Talsky Music

"Black Velvet" from my album Standard Deviation is available as a free download on All About Jazz. So far 1365 downloads! This is the link, scroll down to my image or download some other cool free tunes: http://media.allaboutjazz.com/

2015-03-17 | 14:31:25
Jordana Talsky Music

Hi! I started a blog on my website - cuz yeah I don't spend enough time doing internet things that reduce the already paltry practice and learning time. Anyways, here's the first one: http://www.jordanatalsky.com/blog-post/blog/

2015-02-24 | 23:17:00